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Here’s some ways you can assist the earthfunerals project:

Make a Financial Donation to the New England Natural Burial Ground Project

The development of the New England Project has been planned in logical stages, with the first stage leading to the next and so on. It began with identifying a suitable site. Currently, a Development Application is being prepared to lodge with Uralla Shire Council. In the event the application is approved, the development of the burial ground, and establishment of a community funeral service, will follow concurrently.

Our fundraising program is matched to the stages of the development plan. The funds raised are held in trust by the Starfish Foundation until the target amount for the current stage has been secured. This allows you to support the earthfunerals‘ project with confidence, and, of course, donations are fully tax deductible.

The first fundraising target of $28,000 for the Development Application stage was achieved with the generous support of the donors listed below.

We are pleased now to announce the second stage fundraising target of $72,060 for the development of the Natural Burial Ground infrastructure.

If you, your family, or group are able to make a donation of $1,000 or greater, please contact us.

Development Application Campaign

Donations Received 28000 dollars
Target 28000 dollars

Natural Burial Ground Development Campaign

Donations Received 5000 dollars
Target 72060 dollars

Community Mortuary Establishment Campaign (to be announced)

Donations Received 0dollars
Target 0dollars

Philanthropic Supporters

earthfunerals wishes to acknowledge the generous donations of the following individuals and Foundations:

  • The Madden Sainsbury Foundation – Sydney
  • The Earth Welfare Foundation – Sydney
  • The Pace Foundation – Sydney
  • Rose M Gilder – Victoria
  • Josette Wunder – Sydney
  • Ross Knowles Foundation – Sydney
  • Greater Bank -Armidale
  • Judy De Jong – Armidale

Other Acknowledgements

earthfunerals also wishes to sincerely thank the following supporters and contributors:

  • Myra Makin’s family for their continuing support.
  • Alan and Deni McKenzie for their generous offer of land.
  • Ray South and Jane Pickard for their generous offer of land.

Interested in a Natural Burial when the time comes?

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Thought of another way you could help?

We appreciate great ideas, and we don’t mind who does the thinking! If you have a suggestion of how you might help the project, feel free to send us an e-mail.

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