Making it happen…

Starfish Initiatives, Armidale Tree Group and earthfunerals are working together to establish the New England Natural Burial Ground – the first stand-alone, natural burial ground in Australia.

The proposed facility will have great social and environmental significance, and give High Country residents the option of a genuine natural burial – a simple return to the earth that is meaningful and sustainable.

Two offers of donated land for the natural burial ground have been received from generous local landholders. The site chosen to be developed is located at Banded Bee Farm, a 16 Ha regenerative agriculture farm at Saumarez Ponds (just west of Armidale and Uralla).

Simple Professional Affordable

Choosing an earthfuneral assures a professional and affordable funeral with a unique difference – what would normally be profit is instead used to create a living memorial grove to honour the deceased. Acre by acre individual groves combine to create wildlife corridors and restore bushland habitat. In this way, every death contributes to the living environment – completing the circle of life.

There is growing interest in the commonsense practice of natural burial, and earthfunerals is working to create a network of genuine, natural burial grounds across Australia. In natural burial, there is no embalming, plastics or chemicals, and resource use is minimised with a bio-degradable coffin, or shroud. The result is a simple, sustainable return to the earth, at the cost of a cremation.

Most importantly, you can trust earthfunerals to provide honest advice and genuine care – because we are working to make a difference, not a profit.

Natural Burial

The Australian Natural Burial Project defines a natural burial ground as;

“a life-centred memorial place, not part of a traditional cemetery model, set aside exclusively for natural burial, and characterised by the existence or restoration of native vegetation. An eco-conscious natural burial ground has a finite active life cycle. Once the burial ground capacity is reached, operational maintenance is replaced by minimal-cost, landscape preservation practices, and the site remains a natural flora and fauna reserve”.

What is needed to enable people to fully appreciate the natural burial process is the existence of genuine natural burial grounds.